Privacy Policy

At Climate Stewards Collective, we are committed to transparency and protecting personal data.  Below is an overview of what we collect, why we collect it as well as how.  Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please drop us a line.

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What information do we collect?

We collect the following information from our website.  The website usage data is anonymous (we don’t pair it with any contact info you might provide us).

Website usage data - web pages visited, buttons / fields used, referring web page, browser used / date / time / duration on a given page
Webform data (newsletter sign-up and/or contact requests) - your email address, your name (if you submit a question/comment)

Why do we collect it?

The contact information we collect is only for the purposes of responding to your inquiry and/or to send you the materials you signed up for.  We do not sell or provide it to any third parties (unless we’re bound by law to do so).

Gathering this data enables us to better understand the preferences of listeners like you in order to improve both the content and experience we provide. It also helps us understand which of our efforts to expand our listener base are most effective

How do we collect it?

We use a combination of HotJar and Active Campaign to collect information on our site.

How are we different?

We don’t use third-party cookies – many sites use these cookies to track your activity across different websites you may visit in-order to provide you targeted adds.  We only use first-party cookies which track your activity within the site to provide you tailored information.

We don’t collect your MAC/IP address – many sites collect your MAC/IP address associated with your computer.  Our analytic data is collected without this information.

Revisions to this statement

This statement was revised on August, 5th 2021.  We make occasional changes to this statement and post notices on our homepage for a period of time after significant changes are made.

External sites

We provide links to third party websites for your convenience, but are not responsible for the privacy practices they have in-place.  Therefore, we encourage you to look into the policies they have in-place to ensure you’re comfortable with them.