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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Option #1

Signup to be a volunteer with Citizen’s Climate International

Chance for community and to impact elected officials on climate

They have chapters in 75 countries so whether you’re in Europe or Down Under, there’s likely a chapter in your area

Environmental Volunteering | Join Citizens' Climate Lobby (

Option #2

If you live outside the EU, call on your representative to pass a carbon border adjustment

It's one of a few tools we have to pressure other nations to take more aggressive climate action

Potential talking points

  • We need more aggressive global action on climate change
  • Let's join the EU in implementing a carbon border adjustment
  • It will help push other nations to do more to fight climate change while protecting domestic industries

Show Notes

Reasons for Hope

EU has joined UK in exiting Energy Charter Treaty

1998 treaty was intended to help boost flow of international investments into energy sector

It has been used by fossil fuel industry to mount legal challenges to nation’s climate policies

State of Oregon just passed right to repair law

Forces electronics manufacturers to make it easier and cheaper to fix their devices

Requires them to provide access to tools / parts / instructions it uses to maintain or repair equipment

Other right to repair progress

  • UK enacted legislation back in 2021
  • EU is looking to strengthen their right to repair policies


EU countries to exit energy treaty over climate concerns, officials say | Reuters

Right to repair: all the latest news and updates - The Verge

Why is the EU's right to repair legislation important? | Topics | European Parliament (

Main Topic

Several nations beyond EU are considering a carbon border adjustment

  • Australia is performing a review
  • U.S. congress has introduced four separate bills
  • Canada is interested as well


Australia: Review of potential carbon border adjustment - KPMG United States

4 New Carbon Border Adjustment Bills in the US | World Resources Institute (

Exploring Border Carbon Adjustments for Canada -

Highlights from COP 28

Agreement by 116 nations to triple world’s renewable energy capacity by 2030

Agreement by 134 nations to tackle climate impacts of food industry (no mention of livestock or targets, but includes nations accountable for 70% of global food consumed, 76% of emissions around food industry)


Climate: highlights of COP28 (

Halting deforestation with trade policy

12-20% of ghg emissions from deforestation


  • Introduced in last Congress
  • Restricts products from illegally deforested land from entering U.S. markets
  • Indented to deter commodity-driven illegal deforestation around the world
  • United Kingdom & European Union have recently enacted similar measures to fight deforestation.


Schatz, Braun, Blumenauer, Fitzpatrick Introduce Bipartisan Legislation To Help Stop Illegal Deforestation Around The World, Fight Climate Change | U.S. Senator Brian Schatz (

What is the role of deforestation in climate change and how can 'Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation' (REDD+) help? - Grantham Research Institute on climate change and the environment (

Pacific Island Nations at COP

39 island states / nations in attendance

“We will not sign our death certificate. We cannot sign on to a text that does not have strong commitments on phasing out fossil fuels” – Cedric Schuster of Samoa, the chair of the Alliance of Small Island States, 11 December 2023.


COP28: 5 big takeaways on a historic climate agreement | The Hill