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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Tell your representative to support the FOREST Act

Call their office today using talking points below

  • Stopping deforestation is critical to addressing climate change
  • The FOREST Act represents a big step in the right direction
  • I urge you to support the bill and do all you can to ensure its passage

If calling feels like too much, sign this petition from the WWF

FOREST Act | World Wildlife Fund

More information?

What Is the FOREST Act? Everything to Know About the US Bill to Fight Deforestation (

Consider a donation to the World Wildlife Fund

Their work on the front lines is critical to helping drive the change needed to conserve, restore, and more responsibly manage our forests

To learn more about what they're doing, follow the link

Forests | Initiatives | WWF (

Show Notes

This Week's Reason for Hope

California is kicking off project to cover irrigation canals with solar panels

Concept came from project in Gujarat India

Initial projects will cover roughly 1 mile of canal

Covering all 4000 miles of canals in the State with panels could

  • Produce roughly half the clean energy needed to meet state’s goal
  • Save enough water to irrigate approximately 50,000 acres


California to cover canal with solar panels in experiment to fight drought, climate change | Reuters

Forests as a Climate Solution

COP 26 global deforestation commitment

  • 100 countries representing 85% of world's forests
  • Includes China and Brazil

Meat is a big driver of deforestation globally because of its demand on resources

  • Represents just 17% food supply
  • Uses 77% of agricultural land


  • Intended to prevent commodities from entering U.S. that are linked to deforestation
  • Has Bipartisan support in Congress


Schatz, Blumenauer Unveil New Bipartisan Legislation To Help Stop Illegal Deforestation Around The World, Fight Climate Change | U.S. Senator Brian Schatz (

COP26: World leaders promise to end deforestation by 2030 - BBC News

Environmental benefits of plant-based meat products | GFI