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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Option #1

Do you donate or volunteer with an organization whose work is impacted by climate change?

  • Ask them if they're doing climate advocacy work
  • If they aren't, encourage them to get involved and share this podcast with them

Option #2

If you've observed climate change in the outdoors, share your story.

Personal anecdotes help make the impact of climate change real and build the public support we need for government action.

Option #3

Volunteer for an outdoor organization helping repair or maintain forest trails.

  • You'll have a chance to connect with like-minded people
  • Trails ensure access to the outdoors and help people remember why nature is worth protecting

Show Notes

This Week's Reason for Hope

Incentives for commercial electric trucks kicked off in the U.S. January 1st

Smaller delivery vans like those from Fed Ex and Amazon qualify for a $7500 credit

Larger trucks like semi-trucks and commercial buses are eligible for a $40,000 credit

Additionally, the tax credit doesn’t have made in the USA requirements like those for passenger cars

Transportation is the largest source of U.S. emissions and the 2nd largest source in Europe


Biden tax credits aim to jolt electric delivery truck demand | Reuters

Greenhouse gas emissions by aggregated sector — European Environment Agency (

Fast Facts on Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions | US EPA

Receding Glaciers

Glaciers in western North America—not including Alaska—have lost about 117 billion tons of ice since 2000; they are currently losing about 12 billion tons a year.


Glaciers in the Americas Are Melting Faster - Scientific American