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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Option #1

Lookup local climate justice organizations in your community

Volunteer for a local event

If you're limited on time, consider donating to their mission instead

Option #2

Write your local public transit authority and tell them to accelerate their efforts to electrify their fleet

Eliminating diesel engines reduces carbon emissions and improves air quality for those riding them

Show Notes

Reason for Hope

Aker Carbon Capture of Norway just announced major project

Partnership is with renewable energy company Orsted to capture emissions at Denmark bioenergy plant

CO2 will be pumped underground

Because plant is burning biomass feedstock it will create negative emission credits

Plant will help scale up carbon removal technology

Microsoft has agreed to buy credits equivalent to 430K tons / year of CO2 or based on our calcs, the same as 90K cars off the road


Aker Carbon Capture to deliver five Just Catch units and equipment for over EUR 200 million to Ørsted bioenergy plants in Denmark – Aker Carbon Capture

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Typical Passenger Vehicle | US EPA

Main Topic

Contribution to total cumulative/historical CO2 emissions

  • U.S. and E.U. ~ 47%
  • China ~13%
  • All the countries in Africa ~ 3%
  • Africa without South Africa ~ 2%

Inflation Reduction Act

Delivers many benefits including

  • More funding for fence line monitoring of pollution
  • Tax credits for solar projects built in low income communities
  • Funding to cleanup transit corridors near communities
  • Help tribal communities, landscapes, fisheries become more resilient to climate impacts

UN ratifies Vanuatu climate resolution

Resolution will make it easier to hold polluting countries accountable

1st attempt to establish climate action obligations under international law

Although any rulings by international court are non-binding, resolution creates leverage

Climate impacts on vulnerable nations

Analysis found current drought in Horn of Africa was 100x more likely to occur because of climate change

In 2016, Tropical Cyclone Winston wiped out 1/3 of Fiji's GDP in just 36 hours


Who has contributed most to global CO2 emissions? - Our World in Data

FACT SHEET: Inflation Reduction Act Advances Environmental Justice | The White House

United Nations adopts landmark resolution on climate justice | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Horn of Africa: Catastrophic drought made 100 times more likely by climate change, analysis finds | CNN

Climate Stories | Small Island States (