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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Option 1 - Tell Congress to pass the FORESTS Act

  • Forests are a natural carbon offset, sequestering huge amounts of CO2
  • Deforestation increased last year despite many country's pledge to end deforestation by 2030

Option 2 - Buy double the carbon offsets you need and buy from reputable sources

  • Especially important if you're a frequent flyer
  • We recommend Tradewater and the Gold Standard is good as well
  • Always work towards net zero in addition to purchasing offsets


Climate change: Deforestation surges despite pledges | BBC News  

Projects | Gold Standard Marketplace

Tradewater: Reducing the world’s carbon footprint | Tradewater

Show Notes

Reason for Hope

The US interior Department is increasing the cost of drilling on Federal lands.

Royalty rates for drilling haven't changed since 1920, and with this decision, they jump from 12.5% to 16.7%.

Minimum auction bids rise from 2$/acre to $10/acre and bond sizes for drilling companies increase as well.

There are currently ~3.5 million abandoned oil and gas wells in the U.S. alone.


Biden Administration Moves to Raise the Cost of Drilling on Federal Lands | The New York Times (

Main Topic

Carbon offsets at Tradewater

  • Tradewater targets halocarbons (think refrigerants) and methane leaks (abandoned oil wells and more)
  • These two greenhouse gases are more potent than CO2
  • Older refrigerants are super pollutants, some with a global warming potential thousands of times higher than CO2
  • Methane has a global warming potential over 25 times higher than CO2


Avoiding companies buying offsets without cutting emissions

  • Require science-based climate targets
  • UN guidance 90% of a company reaching net zero should come from reductions and less than 10% from offsets

Demand for offsets shrank in 2022 but has rebounded this year.

One recommendation for improving nature-based climate solutions is increasing the scale from individual projects to a whole nation or territory


Understanding Global Warming Potentials | US EPA

Long-term carbon offsets outlook 2023 | Insights | Bloomberg Professional Services

Refrigerant Transition & Environmental Impacts | US EPA

About Tradewater | Tradewater

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