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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Tell Prime Minister Trudeau to save $12 billion in tax incentives for better climate solutions

Potential Message

Instead of spending $12 billion in tax incentives on tar sands carbon capture, let's spend it on subsidizing technologies that move us away from fossil fuels and produce predictable carbon reductions

Contact the Prime Minister | Prime Minister of Canada (

Show Notes

Reason for Hope

Montana's Young Folks take Climate Change to Court

Sixteen young plaintiffs fight against the devastating effects of climate change in Held v. Montana

They claim that Montana's government "violated their constitutional rights to a healthy environment"

First constitutional climate-change-based trial in the U.S.


‘I’m a prisoner in my own home,’ asthma sufferer, 15, tells landmark US climate trial | US news | The Guardian

Young Montana residents bring climate change case to court for first time ever | Environment | The Guardian

Main Topic

Canada and Climate

  • Canada is warming 2x faster than the rest of the world
  • Country is fuffering from global warming-driven natural disasters, like forest fires, and atmospheric rivers
  • More than 5 million hectares of Canada have already burned this summer alone

Carbon Emissions

Canada's largest emissions source is oil and gas production (it accounts for about 25% of the countries total carbon emissions)

Emission Targets

2030 - country plans to cut its emissions by 40-45%

2050 - net zero emissions

A board of climate scientists meet every five years to set interim targets for the 2050 plan

Canada's Carbon Price

Carbon price is currently $65/ton (which results in a roughly 60 cents/gallon increase on gasoline)

This carbon price is set to increase by $15/ton every year until 2030

Atmospheric Rivers (AR)

A stream of water vapor that can drop a month’s worth of precipitation in a few days


Carbon price jumps to $65/tonne, but rebates will also rise for millions of households | CBC News

How carbon pricing works |

Canada wildfires: an area larger than the Netherlands has been burned so far this year – here's what is causing them | The Conversation

What are atmospheric rivers, and how are they affecting the B.C. floods? | CBC Radio