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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Get Involved in Community Level Climate Action

There are plenty of ways to make a difference on climate in your local community

Start by thinking about what interests you and use that as your guide

Non-profits and other community groups are always looking for volunteers

Remember, it's not about experience, it's about showing up

Get involved today!

Show Notes

This Week’s Reason for Hope

Hawaii has closed its last coal power plant

Closure will save roughly 1.5 million metric tons of carbon emissions / year or roughly the same as taking 325K cars off the road

For now, the island will burn oil to fill the gap until it can deploy more renewables and storage

AES, the owner of the coal plant, is in process of developing large solar farms across the islands

Hawaii currently generates 40% of its energy from renewables and has committed to be 100% renewable by 2045


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Hawaii closes its last coal power plant: Are its renewable replacements ready for the switch? | Euronews