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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Option #1

Learn about what work is going on in your local community to address invasives and restore native ecosystems

Find out what organizations are doing work and sign-up to volunteer.

Option #2

Check out National Wildlife Federation page on invasive species

You can learn more about invasives and find opportunities to get involved.

Show Notes

Reason for Hope

Germany is on track to reach 2030 climate goals.

Its economy shrank by 0.3% last year but their ghg emissions fell by 10%.

It's committed to cut emissions 65% by 2030 and to be carbon neutral by 2045.

Renewable energy covered almost 52% of electricity consumption last year.


Germany on track to reach 2030 targets, environment agency says | Reuters

Invasive Species

Key role in 60% of global plant / animal extinctions

Annual global cost impact estimated to be greater than $420 Billion

Alien species (plants / animals) forecast to increase 36% by 2050 with climate change

Himalayan blackberry, Rubus Armeniacus, has spread to all continents except Antarctica.

Nomura jellyfish in Japan

  • In huge blooms they can clog powerplants
  • Harvesting them for food identified as one potential solution to address their growing population size

Recent successful eradication efforts focused on animal invasives

  • Macquarie Island - cats, rabbits, rodents
  • Lord Howe Island - rodents


Media Release: IPBES Invasive Alien Species Assessment | IPBES secretariat

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Marine ecology: Attack of the blobs | Nature

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Other resources

Tao's book! -

Essay mentioned by Flora - Cronon The trouble with Wilderness.pdf (