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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Option #1

Email your congressional representative and tell them to support funding to protect the Amazon.

Potential talking points

  • I'm deeply concerned about climate change
  • Maintaining our world's rainforests, especially the Amazon, are a critical part of reducing emissions
  • Please do all you can to secure funding to support efforts to halt deforestation there

Look up your representative here

Find Your Representative |

Option #2

Use your consumer power to help reduce demand for commodities that lead to deforestation.

  • Limit your consumption of beef
  • Only buy shade grown coffee and chocolate
  • Purchase wood and paper products that are FSC certified (forestry stewardship council)

Show Notes

Reason for Hope

Just after our last episode, the Environmental Protection Agency announced rules that will further accelerate the U.S. transition to EVs.

The transportation sector is largest source of U.S. emissions.

Tighter auto maker emission standards will start in 2027 model year.

Estimated EV sales by 2032 as result of new standard.

  • 67% of light duty vehicles
  • 46% of medium duty vehicles

Also contains standard for heavy duty vehicles – garbage trucks, buses, long haul trucks.

By 2055, rule is projected to avoid 10 billion tons of CO2 emissions – roughly double current U.S. annual emissions.


Biden looks to boost EV sales with plan to cut vehicle emissions | Reuters

Biden-Harris Administration Proposes Strongest-Ever Pollution Standards for Cars and Trucks to Accelerate Transition to a Clean-Transportation Future | US EPA

Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions | US EPA

Main Topic

Amazon river average flowrate ~ 220,000 cubic meters / second

Columbia river average flowrate ~ 7000 cubic meters / second

Environmental benefits of Impossible burger compared to a regular beef burger

  • Requires 96% less land
  • ~ 89% fewer carbon emissions
  • ~ 87% less water


Amazon River - Wikipedia

List of U.S. rivers by discharge - Wikipedia

Environmental benefits of plant-based meat products | GFI