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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Option #1

Help expand and strengthen right to repair laws

EU listeners - tell your representative to strengthen existing legislation to include additional devices

US listeners - call on your representative to pass a federal right to repair law

Potential talking points

  • Consumers deserve to be able to easily get their electronics, appliances and related items repaired
  • Companies should be required to provide access to all the tools, parts and information to perform the repairs
  • Being able to repair items instead of buying new saves consumers money and helps fight climate change

Option #2

Be a more sustainable consumer by

1) Repairing items when possible

2) Looking for refurbished or used options first

3) Buying durable goods that last longer

4) Buying from companies whose climate targets are aligned with the Paris Agreement

Show Notes

This Week's Reason for Hope

India has proposed a change to its national electricity policy to prevent future coal plants from being built

Plants already in the pipeline will still be allowed to be completed

Proposal still needs approval of federal cabinet

Today, India gets over 70% of its power from coal


Exclusive: India amends power policy draft to halt new coal-fired capacity | Reuters

Main Topic

EU has enacted a new law intended to protect consumers from greenwashing

Kroger along with other vendors got into legal trouble for falsely claiming their sunscreen was reef safe

Four states have enacted extended producer responsibility laws in the U.S.


What to know about Europe's new anti-greenwashing laws | Greenbiz

The Legal Risks of Greenwashing Are Real (

Four States Enact Packaging EPR Laws | Packaging World (