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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Option #1

Join or a related divestment focused organization who is helping grow the movement - Building a global climate movement.

Option #2

Divest your own financial portfolio of fossil fuels and ensure you are invested in solutions that help accelerate our transition to net zero.

Once you've divested your own investments, find out whether your company has divested their 401k or related employee retirement accounts

Show Notes

This Week’s Reason for Hope

Renewables power nearly 100% of California for first time

According to California ISO (independent system operator), Sat Apr 30CA met 99.87% of demand with renewables

  • 2/3 from solar
  • Balance from wind, geo-thermal, etc.

Broke previous record


California just shy of 100% powered by renewables for first time (


Divestment totals

  • 2014 - $52 billion
  • 2022 - $40 trillion (more than combined GDP of China and U.S.)

Texas passed law that prohibits banks from doing business with the state if they engage in boycotting fossil fuels

  • Other states are considering similar laws
  • Proving difficult to implement (no list to lookup how pro-oil your bank is)

Decline of oil

In 1980, oil and gas sector held seven of top ten spots on S&P 500.  Today, it holds none

Moody’s analysis warns of risks of coal divestment and that new oil/gas infrastructure will be more challenging

Shell noted the risk of divestment in its 2020 financial disclosures

Example entities committed to divest

  • National pension funds - Dutch and Canadian pension fund giants PME and CDPQ
  • Foundations - Ford and MacArthur Foundations


Texas anti-divestment law against green investors stumbles : NPR

Divest-Invest-Program-FINAL10-26_B.pdf (