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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Option 1

Look up whether your state, province or country has extended producer responsibility (EPR) in-place

If they do, call on them to expand it to include all consumer products

If they don't, call on them to pass EPR

Option 2

We all have possessions that are starting to wear or not working the way they once did

Pick one and invest the time to get it fixed

It could be mending the hole in your favorite shirt or fixing a part on a home appliance

If you don't feel confident taking on the repairs yourself, call on a friend or a contractor to help you

Show Notes

Reason for Hope

Norway on track to have more EVs than gas powered cars by late 2024 / early 2025

In another 3-4 years, EVs forecast to overtake diesel cars as well

Norway will be first nation to phase out sales of new ICEs, starting 2025

EVs already represent over 80% of new vehicles sold

EVs could overtake petrol cars in Norway by end-2024 | Reuters

Main Topic

Why a circular economy

Today we’re using about 60% more resources than the world can continue to provide

Linear system responsible for over >50% of global carbon emissions and > 80% of biodiversity loss

7 surprising facts about the circular economy for COP26 | World Economic Forum (

Right to Repair Laws

California law makes manufacturers responsible for tools, parts, software, documentation for 7 years after production for devices that cost more than $100

New York law allows manufacturers to sell ensembles, not just individual parts

What You Need To Know About the Right To Repair Act in 2024 | Built In

33 states considered right to repair laws in 2023 legislative cycle

Other states with right to repair - CO, MA, and MN

From Legislation to Litigation: Navigating Right-to-Repair Laws for Manufacturers | New Jersey Law Journal

Cost of Waste Disposal in Australia

Tasmania - $20 / ton

New South Wales - $163 / ton

Waste Levy for Tasmania - Premier of Tasmania

Levy regulated area and levy rates (

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)


Covers - packaging, electronic equipment, batteries, end of life vehicles (ELVs)

Business requirements

  • Minimize waste products & promote re-use
  • Enhance recycling & recovery of waste
  • Design to reduce material use & enhance reusability / recyclability

Producer responsibility regulations - GOV.UK (


Amsterdam based


  • Fair materials and factories
  • Expected life – 5.5 years (current phone lifespan 2.7 years)
  • E-waste taken back - 100%

Phone includes

5 year warranty & 8 years software support

70% fair or recycled materials

Full-Report-Impact-Report-2022.pdf (

User replaceable phone batteries

Will be requirement in EU beginning in 2027

The EU mandates user-replaceable smartphone batteries by 2027 | Android Central