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Opportunities to Make a Difference

Support high-speed rail (HSR) in your community

Sign petition telling Congress it's time to build high speed rail around the country

Petition: It's time for high-speed rail! | High Speed Rail Alliance (

Consider a donation to the High-Speed Rail Alliance and their work to build the political will for HSR

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Show Notes

This week’s reason for hope

Mangrove forest loss is rapidly slowing

Mangroves protect coastlines from storms and rising sea levels

They also have huge potential to sequester and store carbon

The Global Mangrove Alliance, a group of non-profits, has been working to conserve Mangrove forests

Latest installment of their study, released in September, uses advanced satellite imagery to track the rate mangrove loss

Study shows Mangrove loss has continued to slow (0.4% / year between 2010 - 2020)

The alliance has goal of protecting 80% of the world’s mangroves by 2030


Mangrove forest loss is slowing toward a halt, new report shows (

High speed rail in U.S.


Brightline - privately held, less than 150 mph benchmark

Existing line in Southern FL - 65 miles @ 80 mph

Phase 2

  • Opening 2023
  • South to Central w/ direct line to Orlando airport
  • 120 miles @ 110 mph


San Francisco to L.A. via Central Valley

Budget overruns and delays are creating problems

Political dealmaking => higher cost route


Florida | High Speed Rail Alliance (

Train to nowhere: can California’s high-speed rail project ever get back on track? | California | The Guardian

A comparison of high-speed rail to air travel

The real cost of travel – DW – 08/29/2018